Hybrid Mobile Development

Mobile app development with optimal user experience and shorter time to market

Mobile applications account for over 90% of the time spent online, and that includes not only your customers, but also your company’s employees. As 5G and other technologies like Internet of Things increase the connectivity of the world, new devices like cars and delivery drones become interaction and consumption points for data, services and products and allow new business models like the sharing economy

Choosing the best technologies and development methodologies to reduce time-to-market of new products and services, and to increase the return on investment of an ever increasing IT budget has become of paramount importance, as both shareholders and customers expect demand innovation and excellence user experience.

Mobile application development can be achieved in two ways: native mobile development and hybrid mobile development. With native mobile development there is the need to develop a different mobile app (with different codebase) for each platform, while hybrid mobile development can target several platforms using the same codebase. This “code once, deploy anywhere” approach reduces the number of developers needed to deploy a mobile application on at least two platforms (Android and iOS), and, as the hybrid mobile frameworks and SDK evolve, the gap in performance and user experience between native and hybrid has never been so negligible.