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A company of people willing to learn together, grow together, and have fun together.

A team where each person is respected and encouraged to be unique. To speak its mind. To be bold. To have fun. To develop oneself and the others, no matter the role each one has today. Because we all want to keep growing.

Why work with us?


Joining AdvanceWorks means flexibility, development, autonomy and a true team spirit.

Becoming part of AW’s team means being a part of an inclusive community that loves its work, values professional and personal development, has the eyes set on the future, and has a strong determination to get better everyday, knowing we will make mistakes along the way.

We want to have a great time together, while working and after working. We see our people as complete persons, not merely as colleagues. We love to know their cats. The food they prefer. Know the stories of their childhood. Where they want to go next Summer. And their dreams and aspirations, both professional and personal.

We love the fact that each one of us is different, and strongly believe that this will make us stronger, better, and happier. And we’re always open to feedback, knowing it goes both ways

Core values

These values define who we are, how we interact within the team, and how we care about our clients. They guide our daily routines and give us guidance on how we look at the future. Our future.

Keep your clients and team at the top of your mind. All the time

Clients and colleagues can be amazing. Focus on them. On their goals, and on how your skills can make a difference for them. The more you give, the more you will get back.

Take ownership and focus on the result, not on the task

Problems don’t get solved on their own. Trust your talent and potential and make the difference, achieving great results and developing yourself.

Innovate, be brave, curious and experiment – learn from success and from failure

Taking risks can reap great benefits, or lead to failure - make sure you learn from both, and get innovating and getting better

Learn and share the knowledge

The more you give, the more others give you back. Never stop teaching, so you never stop learning.

Question the status quo in a constructive manner

There is always room for improvement. Just think how it can be done, the impact on others, and present a better solution.

Build an inclusive, transparent and socially responsible culture

We are all different, and that is one of our greatest strengths. Accepting those differences, and learning from them, makes us better persons and professionals.

Join our team of digital enthusiasts

Software Engineering

Hybrid (Lisbon) / Remote


Hybrid (Lisbon) / Remote

Software Engineering

Hybrid (Lisbon) / Remote

Software Engineering

Hybrid (Lisbon) / Remote


Hybrid(Lisbon) / Remote


Hybrid(Lisbon) / Remote


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

AdvanceWorks is an equal opportunity company and is committed to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) team across all levels of our company..

We create and maintain an environment that supports, inspires, and respects all individuals and in which selection and promotion is merit-based and applied without discrimination on the basis of gender identity, sexual orientation, color, religion, marital status, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, citizenship or other individual characteristics.

We know that a diverse workforce is a leverage for our creativity and success. It is essential to solve the toughest challenges that we, and our customers, face on a daily basis.

Our inclusive and equitable environment makes us thrive and allow us to leverage on unique experiences, ways of thinking and perspectives, bringing out the best in each other and enabling us to be better, as a company and as individuals.